Keep the Engine Room Running – General Fund

Magabala Books, Australia's leading Indigenous publishing house, is a not-for-profit organisation based in Broome in the far north-west of Australia. For more about our history click here.

Since 1987 this dynamic little corporation in the Kimberley, Aboriginal owned and run, has published more than 171 titles, written and illustrated by 263 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from across the nation. Our genres include general non-fiction, memoir, young adult, children’s picture books, poetry and social history. Our titles compete in the mainstream book market, and our sales income covers just over 40% of our core operational costs.

We are a community arts organisation. Our costs are rising while government support is diminishing. We strive to stay afloat in an industry that is, across the world, undergoing significant change. Our philanthropy projects underpin these efforts. People like you, Magabala’s donors and champions, help us to add value to our core publishing business, enabling us to take up new opportunities and continue to ’punch above our weight’.

How will the General Funds be used?

Your gift will sustain our core publishing business and keep the 'engine room' running. This fund gives Magabala the opportunity to build the business and ‘spread the seeds of culture’ further, for example by:

  • Developing special projects such as an educational series of early readers
  • Capturing and publishing personal, family and community stories
  • Diversifying the retail products in our bookshop to attract more customers
  • Seeking and securing new markets both here and overseas for books and international publication rights
  • Supporting Indigenous writers, illustrators and storytellers from across Australia to get their work 'out there' and into the marketplace
  • Participating in writers’ festivals and book launches, where authors market their books, promote their skills, harness buyer interest, gain feedback, and develop networks in the publishing industry. 

What has the General Fund been funding?

$800 paid for an Indigenous writer from WA to travel to Sydney to attend an editing workshop for the Australian Publishers Association.

$1,000 was allocated to allow two authors from Queensland to participate in a promotional tour for their new book. This included two TV segments in two states.

$900 paid for the launch of a new children’s picture book in the ACT.

From time to time this fund acts as a quick-response opportunity for Magabala’s creators (the authors, illustrators or storytellers) to grasp great opportunities when and where they can. Often this is a win-win for Magabala and the creator; maximising the promotional and marketing opportunities results in more books sold, increased confidence and skills for the creator, and greater recognition of Magabala.

As with all our philanthropic projects, the Magabala Books Board of Directors (all volunteers), decides how the funds will be spent. 

 Give Now

We appreciate every dollar that you donate, and ensure it is well spent.

All donations over $100 will be acknowledged on the Supporters page of our website, unless you choose to remain anonymous. Within twelve months of receiving your gift, we will let you know how your generosity has made a difference. For more information go to Recognising your Support.

For more information contact us at or call +61 (0) 8 9192 1991.