Our Name

Magabala ... spreading the seeds of our culture

Magabala is the Nyul Nyul, Nyangumarta, Karrajari and Yawuru traditional language word for the bush banana found in Western Australia’s north. When young, the magabala is green, moist and sweet. It grows up to 8cm long and is best collected during or just after the wet season (December to March). Every part of the fruit can be eaten—the skin, green seeds and pulp. Later the fruit hardens and dries in preparation for the dispersal of its many seeds with their spectacular parasol-shaped aerofoils.

Like the bush banana, Magabala Books spreads the seeds of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures—we use an artistic interpretation of the magabala as our logo, which was designed by author and artist, Merrilee Lands, in 1987. Over the years the logo has evolved to become synonymous with quality Indigenous literature.