Media Releases

Media releases of our recent titles are available to download. If you would like media releases that are not available on this page, please contact our Marketing Manager.


February: In the City I See ('Young Art' series)

March: I Remember


February: At the Zoo I See ('Young Art' series)

March: And then I found me

April: Mrs White and the Red Desert

May: Us Women, Our Ways, Our World

June: On the way to Nana's

August: At the Beach I See ('Young Art' series)

September: Free Diving

October: Big Fella Rain

November: Molly the Pirate


March: Lemons in the Chicken Wire

April: Crabbing with Dad

April: The Grumpy Lighthouse Keeper

May: Mad Magpie

June: Mrs Whitlam

July: Steve goes to Carnival

August: Songs that sound like blood

August: Two Sisters

October: Animals in my Garden

October: Cheeky Animals

November: Return of the Dinosaurs


February: The Girl from the Great Sandy Desert

March: My Lost Mob

April: The Toast Tree

May: Kookoo Kookaburra

June: Becoming Kirrali Lewis 

August: Seahorse

October: Deadly D & Justice Jones: The Search

November: ABC Dreaming


February: the Spotty Dotty Lady

March: Dark Emu

April: Calypso Summer

April: Rift Breaker

May: A Most Peculiar Act

June: Silly Birds

August: Look and See

September: Deadly D and Justice Jones: Rising Star

October: Counting Aussie Animals in My Backyard

November: Alfie's Big Wish


February: Spinifex Mouse

March: The Little Corroboree Frog

March: Traditional Healers of Central Australia: Ngangkari

April: Bakir and Bi

April: Rise of the Fallen

June: A Town is Born - The Fitzroy Crossing Story

July: Alfie's Search for Destiny

September: Elephants in the Bush and Other Yamatji Yarns

October: Deadly D and Justice Jones 

November: Ubby's Underdogs: Heroes Beginnings