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Respect is the first title in the ‘Our Place’ series of four children’s picture books which welcome and introduce children to important elements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. Respect whispers a soft and heartfelt message about the basic cultural principle that informs all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nations throughout Australia. Respect is about a way of life that is older than flickering stars, about stories that shimmer through tall grasses, and redgum leaves that tumble to a parched and red earth. It teaches children the importance of family who show the way and how we need to listen, learn and share.

This eloquent and delicate story shows young and old alike, what Respect looks like for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.


Praise for Respect

"Lisa Kennedy’s illustrations are luscious and vivid – complementing Fay Stewart-Muir’s and Sue Lawson’s pared back text."
Marjorie Lewis-Jones, The South Sydney Herald

"Respect is beautifully written...the vibrant and beautiful illustration by Lisa Kennedy captivate the reader. Respect truly is a work of art that you will want to have on display in your classroom."
Karlie Naulty, Glam Adelaide

Respect presents a code that everyone can live by — and it does so in a poetic and visually delicious package. It’s a history lesson, a cultural lesson, and a universal creed rolled into one perfect picture book.” 
Liz Patterson, CBCA Reading Time

“Aunty Fay Muir and Sue Lawson...have collaborated with artist Lisa Kennedy to deliver this absolutely exquisite picture book...Muir and Lawson’s sparse text is offset by Kennedy’s luminous images, which come alive on the page.” 
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Aunty Fay Muir
Fay Stewart-Muir is a Boonwurrung Elder who cares about sharing her culture and stories with all, to enjoy and take on a journey of learning.

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Sue Lawson
Sue Lawson’s award-winning young adult and children’s books are recognised for the sensitive way they explore the exciting and heartbreaking complexities of growing up. Her first book with Aunty Fay is Nganga: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Words and Phrases....

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Lisa Kennedy
Lisa Kennedy is a descendant of the coastal Trawlwoolway people of north-east Tasmania. She has been privileged to be part of a team working alongside Aunty Fay Muir on projects that bring together art, story and culture.

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