Publishing Policy

Magabala Books publishes work by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander creators including authors, storytellers, illustrators and editors. Although we do consider collaborative works with non-Indigenous authors, there must be at least a 50% contribution or collaboration with an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander creator. We will also consider manuscripts from South Sea Islander authors.

Magabala Books receives unsolicited manuscripts from throughout Australia. Unsolicited manuscripts are ones that come directly from a potential author, that is, not through a literary agent and not manuscripts that we have commissioned. We publish children’s books including picture books, books for younger and middle readers and young adult fiction. We also publish adult fiction and poetry and most non-fiction. We do not publish academic works.

Please remember that, even if all the unsolicited manuscripts we received were of a high, publishable standard, we would not have the resources to publish them all. Magabala Books will not consider manuscripts that have been submitted to and are currently with other publishers.

All manuscripts that fit within our publishing criteria are assessed by our Editorial Committee. Decisions to publish take into account the following:
•    how the manuscript fulfills our objectives as an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander publisher;
•    the quality of the writing and the importance of the content;
•    the perceived size of the market and sales potential for the book;
•    how it fits with other books we are publishing or have published; and
•    what sort of resources (staff, expertise, budget) would we need to publish the book.  

We will send an acknowledgement of receipt within two weeks of receiving your manuscript. However, we are a small company and receive a considerable number of manuscripts each year. Depending on the type of work it is, the assessment process may take up to four months. This can be longer if an outside specialist reader is commissioned to assess the manuscript. We thank you in advance for your patience.

Unsuccessful manuscripts will not be returned unless a stamped, self-addressed envelope of sufficient size is provided. Magabala Books does not retain copies of manuscripts that have not been accepted for publication and it is our policy to destroy unsuccessful manuscripts if no request for their return is received. Under no circumstances should you send us the only copy of your work. Magabala Books cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage of your submission.