Small Seeds Big Reads: Magabala Books for Little Hands

Children reading books

Why Magabala Books for Little Hands?

Magabala Books receives many requests from the Kimberley and around Australia for book donations. People know that books are important for developing children’s literacy skills and they want to ensure that all children receive books they will love. Books that:

  • children can take home, where they may have few or no books
  • parents and carers can read with their children
  • are relevant to Indigenous children
  • increase young people’s understanding of Indigenous culture, and
  • promote reconciliation.

Requests come from playgroups, early childhood centres, parenting programs, residential care facilities, foster carers, schools, literacy programs, women’s refuges, prison family support programs and others.

We started ‘Magabala Books for Little Hands’ in October 2015, in response to this growing demand. It is a philanthropic project and depends entirely on donations.

How this initiative will make a difference. It will:

  • Ensure great books are available to Indigenous and non-Indigenous children across Australia
  • Improve literacy by providing books that children will want to read
  • Spread the seeds of Indigenous culture
  • Reduce disadvantage.

Where will your gift be used?

100% of all donations pay for the children’s books and freight costs. Your gift of:

  • $25 will ensure one child in a remote Indigenous community receives one book
  • $100 ensures four children in a group home have books of their own
  • $500 gives a playgroup 25 books for parents, carers and children to read together
  • $1,000 provides 50 books for young children in temporary foster care
  • $5,000 allows Magabala Books to distribute 250 books to children who need them.

Give Now

Find out more: Contact us at or phone +61 (0) 8 9192 1991.