Submission Guidelines

Magabala Books publishes works by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We do consider collaborations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples that have 50% authorship by an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person(s) – from inception.

Please read our Publishing Policy before submitting your manuscript.

Manuscripts should be typed, printed on A4 paper (one side only) and contained within a folder (but not bound). All pages must be numbered. Please do not submit original photographs or artwork — photocopies are sufficient.

As well as your manuscript, please provide the following information with your submission:
•    Covering letter with your name, contact details, manuscript title and type of book.
•    Include a short (no more than a paragraph) summary and the target audience and
      market for your manuscript. If it is a children’s book then give us an idea for which
      age group it is written.
•    Brief author CV/profile with any relevant information, such as any previously published books.
•    For adult non-fiction include a complete Contents page and a brief synopsis or chapter summary.
•    We accept submissions for children’s books without illustrations.
      If you do have illustrations please do not send originals.

All submissions and enquiries should be addressed to:

Manuscript submissions
Magabala Books
PO Box 668
Broome 6725
Western Australia