We welcome your support

As a not-for-profit arts organisation, Magabala Books is dependent on book sales and the support of people like you. 

However our achievements go beyond publishing exceptional literature. With the support of individuals and philanthropic trusts, Magabala Books is able to address economic, social, cultural, and community needs and maintain a leading edge in Australia's independent publishing industry.

Donations and sponsorships assist us to meet our operational costs, and to support special projects that build our capacity and "spread the seeds of Indigenous culture."

How you can make a difference

When you give to Magabala Books, you play a central role in helping to sustain our organisation and advance our economic, social, cultural and community objectives, often through innovative projects. For example, in 2012 with your generous support we launched the Deadly Readers, an early childhood literacy series. Three Indigenous creators were commissioned to provide illustrations and text.

In 2013 we offered our first Australian Indigenous Creator Scholarships, which enabled talented writers and illustrators to undertake professional development. This helps ensure Magabala Books can maintain quality publications. Individual donors have made this possible.

The Literary Fund was established in 2014. This perpetual fund helps to keep important cultural and historical stories alive.

Small Seeds Big Reads - Magabala Books for Little Hands commenced in late 2015. This fund places Magabala's books in hands of children who really need them.

Your financial support and its public recognition helps us build a stronger community of individual donors, supporters and arts philanthropists.

To donate money, whether it’s a once-only or a regular donation is as easy as clicking right here

Please refer to How to Donate for more information on other ways to support Magabala Books.